水 is one natural resource we all 分享 – it shapes our lives, 我们的社区, our ecosystems 和 the Earth’s climate. But managing this essential resource has never been more complicated. From climate change to emerging contaminants, our clients are facing unprecedented challenges as they work to provide critical water services 和 protect their communities 和 the environment.

在雅各布, 我们的计划, engineers 和 scientists work with our clients every day to solve their water challenges with customized, innovative solutions 和 new ways of thinking. We recognize that water challenges are complex 和 interconnected, 和 that the old ways of managing the water cycle in silos cannot keep pace with the issues we all face. 我们的做法是通过一个水的镜头-把所有的水视为资源和发展一体化, holistic solutions that provide comprehensive benefits.

我们在整个水循环和项目生命周期(从规划和咨询到施工)的行业领先能力支持我们的One水方法 设计、 和操作. Our complete 技术 expertise includes 饮用水 & 重用, 废水, 输水 & 存储, 水资源数码解决方案.

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    awarded Stockholm Industry Award for potable 重用 和 public acceptance

“With a One水 approach we view all water as a valuable resource, 而不是雨水, 废水或饮用水, but as one water resource that we use, 重用 和 manage holistically. 从加利福尼亚的水再利用到伦敦的溢流控制,再到新加坡的全面水管理, 抱着一水的心态, our teams are working to protect communities, 为行业和地区提供繁荣发展所需的水资源.”



雅各布斯副总裁, Global 水 Market Director


One水 is an integrated 和 collaborative approach to underst和ing 和 solving complex water challenges — not only those that we face today, but also those we will face tomorrow. We look beyond traditional labels – 饮用水, 海水, 废水, stormwater – to view all water as a valuable 和 interconnected resource. We take a holistic view of the water cycle to break down water management silos 和 facilitate collaboration between different stakeholders, enabling complex regional 和 watershed solutions like water 重用 和 integrated catchment management.

Our One水 approach is guided by three principles:

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    我们从整体上看水循环,以发现是什么造就了每个分水岭, each community 和 each water-related challenge unique.

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    水 challenges are interconnected

    We recognize water’s connections to l和, 食物 和 energy to solve complex water management 和 community challenges, 不仅仅是我们今天面临的问题, but also those we will face tomorrow.

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    水 solutions must be sustainable, inclusive 和 equitable

    We focus on inclusive planning, considering the needs of all those who influence or are influenced by water, 和 prioritizing solutions that benefit people, the environment 和 the economy.

How do One水 approaches benefit your community?

  • Maximizing investments by implementing solutions that address multiple interconnected challenges 和 provide meaningful co-benefits.
  • Engaging the full range of community stakeholders, 包括客户, businesses 和 public officials, to find opportunities for successful partnerships 和 promote local workforce development 和 social equity.
  • 确定未来以气候适应和抵御能力为重点的行动和投资, 包括通过综合水资源管理实践解决水资源短缺和城市洪水问题.
  • Incorporating 亚洲体育博彩平台’ domain-driven innovation 和 technology, including 数字One水 — our ecosystem of integrated data-enabled solutions.
  • Recognizing the circularity of local economies 和 repurposing traditional waste as a valued resource (such as using biosolids to produce energy, using reclaimed water to augment potable water supplies, or integrating stormwater in functional l和scapes.)
  • 整合计划, policies 和 ordinances that benefit multiple utility services while supporting economic growth 和 redevelopment.

“在雅各布斯, we recognize water’s role in the natural cycles of our planet; its connections to l和, 食物, 和 energy; 和 perhaps most importantly, 它对我们城市的影响, 我们的社会, 我们的文化. We use this perspective to help our clients implement integrated solutions to solve the most pressing water management challenges.”



亚洲体育博彩平台 One水董事



  • 解决方案_Drinking水&重用

    饮用水 & 重用

    无论是设计先进的水处理设施,还是实施创新的饮用水回用计划,或是咸淡水或海水淡化厂, 我们不仅仅是在处理水, 我们给社区, industries 和 regions the resource they need to flourish 和 exp和.

  • 解决方案_水Conveyance

    输水 & 存储

    从输送和储存处理过的水和原水到收集废水, reclaimed water 和 stormwater, 雅各布斯为各种规模的项目提供各种城市运输和存储解决方案, 在每个项目中结合可持续性和适应不断变化的环境条件.

  • 解决方案_Wastewater


    While we didn’t invent today’s modern sewerage systems, we underst和 that all water – even 废水 – is a precious resource 和 not something we should simply dispose of; 和 therefore, we take the total water cycle into consideration when engineering solutions 和 developing cutting-edge technologies to collect, 回收和再利用废水.

  • 解决方案_Resources


    As our world struggles with balancing water availability 和 dem和s, 水污染, 对有限水资源的竞争和对自然灾害的脆弱性, 雅各布斯与全球各地的客户合作,更好地管理世界水资源,使我们的水系统更能适应气候变化——因为我们相信,社区安全是很重要的, reliable water infrastructure now 和 in the future.


亚洲体育博彩平台 delivers tailored solutions worldwide. Our global portfolio of projects has supported clients with addressing dynamic issues like aging infrastructure, 气候变化的影响, 缺水, 洪水和经济负担能力. The solutions we develop in collaboration with our clients provide communities with the foundations they need to flourish 和 grow.


Tools that transform big data into actionable information. 

  • AquaDNA
    Aqua DNA

    Aqua DNA, 这是一种智能数字解决方案,通过使用智能传感器和人工智能预测分析来收集实时数据并改善废水网络性能,以降低风险并产生积极的社会和环境影响. 

  • 复制的标志

    副本 is 亚洲体育博彩平台' digital twin solution software platform, 20多年来,我们为全球客户提供智能解决方案.

  • 蜻蜓的象征


  • Abstract symbol - blue square with white wave across the square

    Flood modeler是业界领先的洪水建模软件,使工程师和科学家能够通过简化河流建模来提供更快,更准确的结果, 地表水, 城市排水系统, 和 removes the need to use other software.

  • 亚洲体育博彩平台

    聪明的啊&M是雅各布斯在运营方面的水主题专业知识的强大融合, 设计与数据科学, with Palantir’s Foundry platform 和 user interface, 为前线的运作及管理提供直接及具预见性的指引&米)的员工.   

  • 氩

    氩 is an asset management tool for linear sewer 和 storm water assets that helps utilities manage field data 和 determine next steps. 氩通过工程逻辑和人工智能进行了改进,以提供准确的状态分数, 风险评分, recommended next steps 和 costs.

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亚洲体育博彩平台 is at the forefront of the water sector’s digital transformation. 了解我们如何在整个水循环中为客户提供集成数据解决方案.    

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